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Walden University 43rd Commencement Ceremony Candid 1-23-10 Order Form

Click on the link of your degree and you will find your range of photos then surf the Flash Gallery

Note the file # of the images you want to order. Using only the first four digits of the file name fill out the PDF Order Form that you downloaded and printed.

Mail it to the studio with your payment.


If you Pre-ordered send an Email with file # (first 4 digits) that you want and the name on the original order form plus your best phone #. You can order more by using the instrustions above.

Note: If you chose to use our portrait sessions (the before or after graduation sessions), we will choose the best image and mail your order along with any candid photos you might have ordered.



1. Awarding of Master's Degrees: Education _Photos

2. Awarding of PhD Degrees: Education_Photos

3. Awarding of EdD Degrees: Education_Photos

4. Awarding of Bachelor's Degrees: Psychology_Photos

5. Awarding of Master's Degrees: Psychology_Photos

6. Awarding of PhD Degrees: Psychology_Photos

7. Awarding of Master's Degrees: Counseling and Social Service_Photos

8. Awarding of PhD Degrees: Counseling and Social Service_Photos

9. Awarding of Master's Degrees: Public Policy and Administration_Photos

10. Awarding of PhD Degrees: Public Policy and Administration_Photos

11. Awarding of Bachelor's Degrees: Management_Photos

12. Awarding of Master's Degrees: Management_Photos

13. Awarding of Master's Degrees: NTU Engineering and Applied Science_Photos

14. Awarding of PhD Degrees: Management_Photos

15. Awarding of Master's Degrees: Nursing_Photos

16. Awarding of Master's Degrees: Health_Photos

17. Awarding of PhD Degrees: Health_Photos

Walden University 41st Commencement Ceremony January 24, 2009